Using Martial Arts for Fitness

In recent years, more and more people are opting for martial arts as a way to get fit instead of relying on normal workouts only. It may be a bit hard to see the connection between being taught to throw a punch or defend yourself and getting a fitter body. However, you would actually be surprised at just how good doing martial arts is for your fitness needs.

Benefits of Doing Martial Arts for Fitness

• Increased cardiovascular health. The cardiovascular system is composed of the heart, arteries, veins, capillaries and blood. Weak cardiovascular health leads to breathing problems, constant fatigue and heart problems. Martial arts stress out the heart making it stronger and better able to pump blood and improving the health of the whole cardiovascular health.

• Better health. Exercise in general is good for the body. Since martial arts incorporate the different body parts and are more demanding they can be very good for your health. Particularly, they lower risk of various diseases including heart disease, asthma and osteoporosis.

• Weight loss. An hour of moderately intense martial arts can burn up to 500 calories. Within a few weeks, you will notice a significant weight loss. As you well know, weight loss comes with its own numerous health benefits. Of course the best weight loss results are achieved when you combine the martial arts with a good diet.

• Better flexibility, balance, endurance and strength. Martial arts incorporate everything from strength training to endurance testing. This boosts your general body fitness levels.

• Better reflexes. Learning how to act and react very quickly is a cornerstone of martial arts training. This improvement in reflexes can come handy in other areas of life such as driving or even cooking.

Finally, martial arts will equip you with important self defense skills in addition to improving your fitness. These skills can become necessary when you are faced with danger.

Choosing the Right Martial Arts Style

When finding what style of martial arts to go with, it is best to start with simple ones that are not too extreme. Remember that your goal is to get fit, not injure yourself. Some of the most basic styles are Karate and Tae Kwon Do.

It is also important to find the right trainer or join a martial arts class. A personal trainer will definitely cost you more. You can look for and compare classes online or ask recommendations from friends and family. If you are looking at online classes (which is definately an option – think of it as the same thing as doing P90X or some other DVD workout routine) use a site like to pick one that looks like it will be the best fit for you.

The other thing to take note of is your dressing. A cotton uniform and belt are the standard wear. In most cases, you can train barefoot. But if you want to wear something on your feet, ask your trainer for recommendations. The most important thing is to be comfortable and ensure that you do not get injured because of improver wear.

When looking for a martial arts style to incorporate into your schedule, it is best to go for something that provides a balance of fitness workout for the whole body and self defense skills. Most importantly, find something that you will enjoy doing.

Equipment For Short Workouts

home exercise equipmentThese days, people have become more health conscious and realize the importance of working out on a regular basis. However, most people have busy and hectic schedules, which don’t allow them to join a gym and workout regularly. Since people don’t have a lot of time, they usually skip training and fitness altogether to concentrate on work and leisure activities. In this case, short workout routines in your home can prove to be quite beneficial. In this post, we will discuss the gym equipment you need to stay consistent with your workouts at home.

Treadmills – When you’re planning to build a home gym, a treadmill becomes a basic necessity. It’s one of the most important equipment for your short workout routines. If you plan to lose weight and keep your heart healthy, you need to perform cardiovascular exercises. Running or walking on a treadmill keeps your heart and body in good shape. Even 10 minutes a day can work wonders on your conditioning! You can get some good ideas of how to use your new treadmill here.

You can find advanced and high-tech treadmills on the market at reasonable prices. However, you may also buy a manual treadmill according to your budget and requirements. If you want to get some discounts, you can even buy treadmills online. There are so many models to choose from that there’s no excuse for not finding the one that’s perfect just for you.

Exercise Bikes – An exercise bike works perfectly for your cardiovascular workout. It not only helps you lose weight, but also keep your thighs and calf muscles toned. According to most fitness experts, exercise bikes workout many muscles in the upper body too. If you want better results, you can even buy an elliptical cycle. I would recommend getting either a treadmill or a bike, not both. Unless you have lots of room available, then you could benefit from having both in your home gym.

Ab Equipment – Who doesn’t want a six-pack? With proper exercise and a healthy diet, it’s possible within weeks. Ab workout equipment is one of the most affordable types of gym equipment you can buy. You can simply purchase an ab cruncher, training mats, a balance ball or something similar and use it regularly. This is another area where you have lots of different choices and you can’t really go too wrong with any of the machines on the market today. Just be sure to check out reviews online before making a purchase.

If you’re buying equipment for your home gym, some type of ab equipment is a great idea. Contrary to the common notion, and ab machine not only helps you with your abs, but also lets you perform core and strength training exercises.

Adjustable Benches – In case you’re interested in weight training, you should also consider buying an adjustable bench. If you have a lot of space, a full-size bench for chest and shoulder exercises will be perfect. However, if there’s not a lot of space, you will have to buy a small bench which is a little more limited. With adjustable benches, you will be able to perform dumbbell and kettle bell workouts as well as use a full sized barbell if that’s what you’re interested in.

Dumbbells – Needless to say, dumbbells are the most basic requirement for your short workout routines. If you want a muscular body, you should buy dumbbells of different sizes and weights for your workouts. You should buy both light and heavy dumbbells for all kinds of exercises. While some small muscles (triceps, biceps) in your body need light weights, big muscles (chest, shoulders) require heavy weights. Also, you may want to rotate between light and heavy weights so having a few different choices at your disposal will help you get a well rounded workout.

Some people might think that it’s too expensive to have the proper gym equipment at home and therefore, only high-class people can build home gyms. However, this is just a misconception. As mentioned earlier, you can easily buy gym equipment online at affordable prices. Buying gym equipment for your short workout routines can help you stay fit and healthy.